Plant Sciences, Inc. offers experienced crop consulting services to help growers get the most out of every acre. Our team of specialists evaluates each growing site for its unique qualities and needs, and develops a multi-faceted program to improve production and quality, reduce loss, and maximize returns to individual growers. After the initial program has been applied, Plant Sciences, Inc. continually monitors the progress of the program and makes adjustments and modifications as needed.

Our comprehensive Crop Consulting programs include specific focus in the following areas: Integrated Pest Management, Plant Nutrition, Irrigation Management, and Cultural Practices.

Integrated Pest Management:

Plant Sciences, Inc. provides daily in-field consulting services to clients in California to ensure proper and sustainable management of crops. Our licensed Pest Control Advisors utilize and encourage an integrated pest/disease management approach in preventing and controlling intolerable infestations of pests and diseases, emphasizing the use of beneficial natural organisms, which are economically viable and environmentally sound.

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Plant Nutrition:

Our detailed nutritional analysis includes a chemical examination of soil composition, water quality, and tissue samples, as well as visual observations made in the field. Recommendations are then made to include timing of nutritional applications and the use of controlled-release fertility products. This is conducted routinely throughout the crop growing season.

Irrigation Management:

Plant Sciences monitors soil and water quality and provides consultation on drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.

Cultural Practices:

Recommendations on various aspects of production including: drainage, soil preparation, fertilizer implementation, and plant manipulation via pre-plant conditioning are all elements of Plant Sciences, Inc.’s consultation services.